Since Halloween of 2007, Behavioral Connections has been providing advanced Applied Behavioral Analysis therapies for children with autism. Our mission has always been to empower our learners with strong and natural language ability, giving them the power to access the world around them.

In 2020, we, like the rest of our field, you, and the world around us, faced an entirely new threat. For us, CoViD-19 took away our ability to provide services to our clients face-to-face. Fortunately, we were able to quickly adapt and build a robust remote program to deliver the same quality therapies, even if we had to be miles away.

But what of those kids that weren't getting services before CoViD-19? As our online program grew in strength, it became abundantly clear that the field of ABA had being doing a tremendous disservice to families unable to access ABA services even before CoViD. As a field, we've had every opportunity to create online ABA services and reach underserved communities, but chose not to, simply due to inconvenience.

That stops now.

Introducing BC Virtual, an online/remote ABA therapy provider for children with autism. Our services are covered by medical insurance (meaning it's free to you), advanced and evidence-based, and, most importantly, fun.