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Leadership Team


Jason Pepin

Co-Founder, President

"My passion for the field started after receiving training from The Carbone Clinic’s consultants while overseeing behavioral classrooms at a private school in New York (HASC). I eventually became a highly sought ABA consultant in both the private and public sectors, earning a state wide reputation. I've since brought these skills back to Massachusetts to open Behavioral Connections."


Melanie McCarthy-Pepin

Co-Founder, CEO

BCBA, LABA, PhD Candidate

"I quickly found my passion for the field after enrolling in the Principles of Behavior Analysis course at Jacksonville State. Specifically, it was the pigeon lab that sold me. Since 2001, I've been a diehard fan of Skinner and learning theory. My dedication now lies with two endeavors  'Never giving up on a child that cannot talk. We, the teachers, need to change in every way until we succeed" and "the opportunity to open the world up to this field, because it provides hope for tomorrow.'"


Axe JB, McCarthy‐Pepin M. On the use of the term, “discriminative stimulus,” in behavior analytic practice. Behavioral Interventions. 2021;1–8.


Marianne Furman


"I first began working with children with ASD and other developmental disabilities in 2008 while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Rhode Island.  I fell in love with the job of helping children.  After graduation I began working full time as a behavior therapist at Pathways Strategic Teaching Center in Rhode Island.  Working at Pathways was my first introduction to the ABA approach, and it wasn’t long before I began pursuing my certification as a Behavior Analyst.  In 2013 I graduated from Simmons University in Boston with my Master’s in applied behavior analysis, and passed the board exam shortly after.  Since then, I have since gained experience working in a variety of settings and with a variety of age groups, from early intervention to adult residential services.  Ultimately my love for working with children led me to BC-Virtual, where I take pride in being part of a highly dedicated team."


Shachan Cabral


"I graduated from Rhode Island College with a bachelor’s in psychology. I received my Masters in ABA from Bay Path University. I am interested in the function of behavior as well as generalization across behaviors, settings, and people. I love spending time with my wife, two children (boy and girl) and our dog Daisy. In my spare time I play video games and coach youth baseball."


Amanda Connolly


"I knew at a very young age that I would only be happy in a career that involved helping others. Luck shown upon me while I was still in college and was given the opportunity to take part in a workshop on ABA. After the first day, I knew immediately that this was what I wanted to do, and I never looked back. I took my first ABA job before graduating college and since then I have worked in a variety of settings including schools, home-based, and now center-based. This career path has given me the opportunity to combine my love of science and my passion for helping children and their families."

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