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Behavioral Connections is your family's gateway to medically necessary, online applied behavior analysis services. From here, we can work with you to implement a highly individualized treatment plan that meets the needs of your family. Here's the whole process in a nutshell.

ABA ONLINE behavioral connections phone.

To start, we'd like to learn more about your family. Based on this call, we can learn what your family needs and determine if your child meets the eligibility requirements for ABA as a medical necessity. Medical necessity varies from case to case, but the quick explanation is that ABA will help your child to better function in social settings or to better take care of themselves. To start, just give us a call, email us, or use our contact request form.

aba bc virtual online paperwork2.png

Next, we'll have to get some paperwork done. We'll send you an intake packet which will have different forms to fill out as well as a list of documents you'll need to collect, such as the diagnosis letter. If you get stuck, let us know. We have folks on staff that can help you out and avoid some headaches. You can view the intake form here.

online virtual aba checklist.png

Once we have all the paperwork, we'll submit a request for an assessment authorization to your insurance provider, which usually comes back in about a week. From there, we'll schedule an assessment that will likely include you and your child and involve a mix of questions and observations. All of which will be done through video conferencing and take anywhere from one to three hours with breaks.

aba online bcvirtual hours.png

Based on the assessment and your goals, we'll develop a treatment plan and submit a recommendation for the number of weekly hours for services to your insurance provider. Once approved, we can begin services right away.

bcvirtual aba online direct service.png

The sessions will occur on a schedule that works for you and your family. Each session will be conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who will create a program that meets the individual needs of your family, all from the comfort and safety of your home. The sessions will look a lot different from client to client, as every client has unique needs. However, some common structures might include:

• one to one direct services (the BCBA and the child)

• two+ to one direct services (the BCBA and the child and one or more family members)

• parent training with no child present

• parent training with child present

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