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Are you a Board Certified Behavior Analyst™?

Are you interested in tele-ABA?

Let's talk.

bcVIRTUAL offers two types of remote employment for BCBA's, each with their own unique advantages to match your experience and goals.
Behavioral Connections Online ABA Platform
bcVIRTUAL as a Platform Provider
Behavioral Connections Online ABA employ
bcVIRTUAL as a Structured Employer
Behavioral Connections Online ABA Connec
In this model, Behavioral Connections acts as hub or platform provider to connect you with potential clients, not unlike the way Uber™ provides riders to drivers.
Behavioral Connections ABA Online Island
This option will afford you more autonomy as a BCBA to control the programming of your clients. It doesn't mean, however, that you're alone on an island, either. We'll still be around to provide guidance, supervision, and just to bounce ideas off of as necessary.
Behavioral Connections ABA telehealth li
Insurances will be billed under your license, meaning that a valid state-appropriate license (where required) will be required. BC will provide clients that match any state you carry a license in.
behavioral connections behavior analysis
In this model, Behavioral Connections acts as an employer with a more traditional organizational hierarchy.
behavioral connections aba online viruta
Behavioral Connections offers a comprehensive, Verbal Behavior focused training for veteran and greenhorn BCBA's alike.
You'll write treatment plans and update program books that will be supervised and submitted for authorization by our lead BCBA's.
Our lead BCBA's will also sit in on your sessions, providing feedback and growth throughout your career with us.
Importantly, and unlike Uber™, you will still be an employee of Behavioral Connections. This means you'll be entitled to benefits such as PTO and healthcare, and no messy self-employment taxes.
Behavioral Connections ABA virtual stars
Despite your independence, we still expect the highest levels of procedural fidelity and quality. After every session, your client's family will be asked to rate your session from one to three stars. One star is bad, two stars is neutral, and three stars is good. You're granted a grace period when you first start working with a family, but if you fall below 2.5 stars after that point, your client will be re-assigned.
Your sessions will range in structure and content, but will primarily be built around the VB-MAPP and feature some combination of Intensive Teaching, Mand Training, Interruption-Transition procedures, among others.
behavioral connections talk online livin
The services you provide will vary from client to client, uniquely matching the needs of each family. For example, you may be teaching one client low level mands, whereas your other client might be working on some higher level social or living skills.
The structure of those services will vary as well. Some sessions may be one on one with your client, while others will necessitate family instruction, while others still may be dedicated to training and teaching family members.
Two Types
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